Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting involves removal of lower branches of a tree. The objective is to provide head height clearance for buildings, signs, vehicles, and pedestrians.

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Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is the selective removal of branches and stems to reduce the height and/or spread of a tree.

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Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning involves crown cleaning as well as the selective removal of small branches to reduce crown density.

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Pollarding is a pruning system in which the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches.

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Deadwooding / Crown Cleaning

Deadwooding / Crown Cleaning consists of selective removal of dead, dying, diseased and weak branches from a tree's crown.

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Section Felling / Dismantling

Section Felling / Dismantling applies mostly to urban situations where trees that need removing are not able to be felled.

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Wood Chippings

We offer a range of wood chippings which are recycled from our previous tree surgery projects and are therefore 100% made of natural materials.

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Hedge Maintenance

If you’re finding that your hedges are over-gown, un-shapely, or becoming an unruly mess, we can assist you in trimming your bushes so that they may look clean and well-kept.

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Emergency and Windblown

Having unstable, windblown and wobbly trees within your garden can cause serious damage in the event that they may sway, or worse, even uproot and collide with your property and surrounding areas causing destruction.

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King’s Lynn tree surgery and arboriculture

Browns Tree Management is an independently owned and operated company based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. It is a specialist tree surgery business seeking to provide expert service at competitive prices. Browns provide comprehensive tree care management throughout King’s Lynn & North West Norfolk. We cover a wide area; Sutton bridge, Wisbech, Downham Market, Swaffham, Fakenham, Burnham Market, Hunstanton and every where else inbetween. All operations are carried out by experienced and insured Tree Surgeons, striving to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.

Very efficient, entirely reliable and well-priced. I would not go to anyone else. RPD Munns/South Wootton
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