Why should you choose a tree surgeon?


Unlike other trades, tree surgery is not as regulated as you might expect. Anybody can buy a chainsaw, stick a logo and mobile number on the side of a van, print business cards and call themselves a ‘tree surgeon.’

There are loads of tree surgeons in the yellow pages and free ads, and plenty more if you do a google search. So, how do you avoid the cowboys?

BEWARE men who knock at your door offering ‘lopping and topping’ services. Would you let a knocking stranger rewire your house or fit your bathroom? Of course not, so why let one do your tree work?

A good way is through recommendation. Ask friends or a neighbours for good local contacts.

Ask lots of questions, you will soon find out if they don’t know what they are talking about or have poor subject knowledge.

​Good tree surgeons, called arborists to differentiate themselves from ‘lopping’ and ‘topping’ scallywags, have lots of knowledge about different species of tree, how to work on them safely, and the pests, diseases, and fungi that affect them.

They will visit you to discuss your needs and provide a quotation without obligation.

Tree surgery is both skilled and dangerous, and working at height with a chainsaw requires training, qualifications and experience.

​The cost of Public Liability insurance for tree surgeons reflects the risks but it is an obligation, and just as you wouldn’t drive your car without insurance, you should never employ a tree surgeon without insurance.

Your trees may be older than you are and they may live for future generations to enjoy. For people, a bad haircut can grow-out in weeks – but trees can’t replace badly pruned branches and may die as a result of a few hours savagery.

​Choose a tree surgeon that understands  your requirements and the needs of the tree, and your gardens’ trees will be an asset not an eyesore.

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