Mature Oak with T.P.O Reduction

Mature Oak with T.P.O Reduction

We were recently asked to visit a property in North Wootton, King’s Lynn to reduce several rather mature Oak trees. One of the particular trees was huge, easily over 100 years old, and all trees were protected by Tree Preservation Orders, meaning that relevant permissions had to be sought from the Tree Officer at the local authority before any work could commence.

BROWNS Tree Management have plenty of experience dealing with trees that are protected, and included in the service is the application, which can be tricky if you don’t know your way around. We take the stress out of the situation by handling the process from start to finish, and have an excellent record (100%) of having all works applied for, granted to date.

The largest of the trees was growing close to the house and was becoming oppressive, blocking out much of the light, dropping large pieces of dead wood, beginning to be something of a nuisance. We opted for a 25 – 30% crown reduction, with a crown clean and deadwood removal. Approximately a third of the crown canopy’s spread was reduced in size, the crowns interior was thinned, any branches in poor condition, with bad form or that had negative impact on other growth were removed and all pertinent deadwood was taken out.

It took two full days of climbing to complete, large reductions are particularly difficult to do well as every single branch has to be scaled, often right to its tip to remove just the end – it demands athleticism from climbers and can be exhausting. An estimated 2 Tonnes of green waste was removed…

The before and after photos clearly demonstrate the impact the work has had on the tree. Its size has been successfully managed in a way that is beneficial to both tree and homeowner alike, so much more light can now pierce through its once dense canopy, and a beautiful aesthetic has been created that keep the tree as a real asset in the garden.


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